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AA Compliance

To ensure that we meet the needs of all our customers we try to maintain W3C Double-A accessibility standards. Double A compliance means that the website is considered accessible to people with a range of special needs. Accessible websites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation.

Change text size and contrast

You can change the size of the text that appears on this website via your browser controls.

You may also use your browser settings to change the text size for all the web sites that you visit. The technique for doing this is slightly different depending on the browser that you use:

  • Internet Explorer: Select the 'View' menu, then one of the options under 'Text Size'.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Select the 'View' menu, then 'zoom'.

Other browsers may also have similar options available.

Colour Contrast

Foreground & background colour combinations may affect how clearly customers see the site. Websites should provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits, or when viewed on a black and white screen. Therefore we have provided a high contrast style sheet in order to help any of our customers that have visual impairments. Using the high contrast stylesheet may help the legibility of text on a the page.