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TAS ePaymentsTAS ePayments

TAS ePayments connects your TASBooks and TAS Payroll software to your bank's Internet or PC banking software. This removes the need to manually re-enter information into your banking and accounts or payroll software.

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What's the difference between Internet banking and PC banking?

Most major banks offer a range of electronic banking solutions that can be divided into two groups: Internet banking and PC banking.

Internet banking

Internet banking is aimed at providing information for personal bank accounts, sole traders or Small Office Home Office. You access your personal bank account details on your bank's Internet banking website. The features available normally allow you to -

  • View your bank balance and statement
  • Make pre-defined bill payments
  • Initiate bank transfers

The service is secured through your user name and password, and all activity between your browser and the bank's web servers is encrypted.

PC banking

For business customers, most of the major banks in the UK provide PC software. This software enables you to connect directly to the bank's private network and access your own bank account details.

This software normally allows you to -

  • Make single or batched payment instructions
  • Set-up and modify direct debit instructions
  • Make international payments
  • Undertake bank transfers as appropriate
  • Download balance information for reconciliation purposes