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TAS Link is Infoplex Ltd's SDK for TAS. It enables smooth integration between TASBooks and your other business software, such as spreadsheets, Word Processing, CRM, EPoS, in-house database, Internal Management Systems for Jobs, Contracts, Order Processing and much more.

TAS Link can therefore help you streamline your business and increase profitability by allowing TAS and your other business software to "talk" directly to each other.

For example, transferring sales invoices or orders from your website system into TAS could take just one click, or you could link your spreadsheets directly to the TAS Nominal Ledger.

As a developer, TAS Link gives you the tools you need to develop a controlled integration with TAS software quickly, easily and cost effectively.

To learn more about TAS Link, see www.infoplex.co.uk/sdk or telephone +44 (0)1592 598100.

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