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tasbooks threeTAS BOOKS three has changed

tas books three has now become TASBooks

TAS is all about simplicity. So we can reflect this in our software, TAS BOOKS 3 has now become TASBooks with stock control.

TASBooks has been designed to make managing your business accounts even easier. It simplifies processes and includes new features for 2009.

With TASBooks, you can choose your own software functionality to suit your business needs. Nothing has been lost from previous versions - it's all about improving processes and giving you more choice.

  • Looking to upgrade your old TASBooks Three?
  • New for 2009

If you are currently using TASBooks Three, an upgrade to the latest version of TASBooks is available to download from 29 September 2009. Simply login to your account and visit the upgrade section.

If you are looking to purchase TAS Cover for your TASBooks Three program, simply call 0800 694 0220.