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  • tas business toolkit


  • Business news: A news service that is updated each working day
  • Business library: An online reference centre containing hundreds of useful documents designed to help you manage your business, grouped into six categories: Sales, Finance, People, Technology, Premises, Law & Regulation
  • Trade Secrets: Information on planning for over 200 different types of business, containing guidance on over 30 topics. The three categories are: income, expenditure and checkpoints. It's designed to help you to stay up-to-date with latest developments in business, spot opportunities, and minimise threats
  • Benchmarker: Compare the financial results of your business with those of other, similar businesses across the UK
  • Planning software: Calculate your P&L, cash flow forecast and break-even point, helping you to write your business plan
  • Cost calculator: Work out the capital cost of setting up in business, derived from a database of typical prices
  • Financial checker: Assess your personal expenditure to work out how much you need to take out of your business as drawings